Above: Brett Residence

Carlson Roofing Company, Inc. recognizes that most homeowners consider their house to be their most valuable asset. We help you protect your home and investment with roofs that meet our high standard of workmanship and that fit your home’s structural capabilities as well as your aesthetic and budgetary values.

When you hire us, we extend the respect and courtesy to you, your property and your neighbors that we would offer our own family, friends, and neighbors. This means that we clean up after ourselves every day and we make every effort to be professional and polite every minute that we’re on the job. We provide you, furthermore, with understandable, timely estimates as well as clear communication about scheduling and what to expect when we work on your project.

Have an unusual or technically challenging roof? Give us a call! With more than 40 years’ worth of roofing projects under our belts and experience with an array of different materials, we’re ready to take it on!