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As you are no doubt aware, the COVID-19 pandemic has presented significant challenges to all business operations. At Carlson Roofing Company, Inc., we continue our commitment to excellence as our doors remain open and our projects continue. 


As a company, we have created a team whose focus remains fixed on the wellbeing of our staff, our customers, and our job sites, as it pertains to upholding all standards of safety during this pandemic. We have followed all CDC and OSHA guidelines for both our office space, as well as our shop area and job sites. We will continue to remain at the forefront of the safety movement, updating policies, guidelines, and processes as the situation evolves.


Our COVID-19 Safety Team has enacted the following policies:


  • All job sites have been equipped with handwashing stations. Each employee is required to wash their hands at the start and end of each shift, as well as before and after any breaks.

  • All shared equipment must be sterilized at the end of each shift. Sterilization products have been provided to each Forman on site.

  • Full PPE, including safety glasses and gloves, must always be worn on site. If the work being done does not require work gloves, then Nitrile gloves must be worn.

  • Visitors are not allowed at any active job site. All contact with customers must go directly to Superintendents.

  • Employees exhibiting any possible symptoms will not be allowed on site and must return home immediately. Foreman and Superintendents are responsible to monitor possible signs of sickness in their crew members and act according to policy. 

  • Superintendents and Foremen have been tasked with implementing and upholding all social distancing policies on job sites.

  • Each CRC employee has been trained and updated on all new policies and guidelines and will receive additional training and updates as situations evolve. 

  • Job site JHA’s have been updated to reflect all COVID-19 policy updates. 

We have implemented social distancing policies and twice-daily disinfecting routines in our office space, as well, ensuring that no area goes unchecked. 


Our highest priority is the safety and wellbeing of our workers on site, our office staff, and our clients. We will continue to do what we do best, keeping you safe and dry, as we navigate the most up-to-date responsible and sustainable safety practices. 

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